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Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 篇1 module 1 my first day at senior high 单项选择 1、there is ___like a holiday to make us feel relaxed、 a、 something b、 anything c、 nothing d、 everything 2、 he didn’t think somebody would disagree with him, ___?- a、 would he b、 wouldn’t he c、 did he d、 didn’t he 3、 he hasn’t yet been well trained ,but still under____、 a、 instruct b、 instructive c、 instructions d、 instruction 4、 do you feel very tired ? you don’t seem ____today a、 by yourself b、 to be yourself c、 of yourself d、 with yourself 5、 what is his attitude ____ the plan? a、 to b、 for c、 in d、 by 6、 the people here eat ____vegetables this year as they did last year a、 more than twice b、 as twice as many c、 twice as many as d、 more than twice as many 7、_____ by the movie, he saw it once again、 a、 impressing b、 to impress c、 impress d、 impressed 8、one of my books ____ 、i have looked for it everywhere but still ____、 a、 has lost ; don’t find b、 is missing ; don’t find c、 is missing; haven’t found d、 has lost; haven’t found 9、 –can i help you ? --yes , i bought this tv here last week ,but it ___、 a、 doesn’t work b、 didn’t work c、 don’t work d、 can’t work 10、 he was deeply ____ by the ____ novel、 a、 moving ; moving b、 moved ;moving c、 moved; moved d、 moving; moved 11、 our city _____ square miles、 a、 covers b、 takes c、 uses d、 goes 12、 there are two libraries here , ____ lies near our house、 a、 the larger b、 the larger one that c、 the larger of them d、 the larger of which 13、 ---you forgot your pen when you went to have an exam、 ---my god, ____、 a、 so did i b、 so i did c、 i did so d、 i so did 14、by the policeman arrived , the thief ____、 a、 was disappeared b、 has disappeared c、 had disappeared d、 had been disappeared 15、 ______i know , the two friends live in the same village、 a、 as long as b、 as far as c、 as well as d、 as good as 单项选择: 1、[解析] 选c。题意为:没有什么比假期能使我们休息的更好。此题考查固定短语在不同语境中的应用。nothing like相当于 nothing better than,意为“没有什么能比得上”。故选c。 2、[解析] 选c。题意为:他认为没有人会不同意他的观点。此题考查特殊句式在不同语境中的应用。因为句子的主语不是第一人称,所以此反意疑问句的形式应根据主句来看。故选c。 3、[解析] 选d。题意为:他还没有被训练好,还在接受指导(教导)。此题考查重点词汇在不同语境中的应用。instruction 作“指导教导”讲时,为不可数名词,并且under instruction 是固定用法。故选d。 4、[解析] 选b。题意为:你今天感觉到累吗?你似乎身体状况(状态)不好。此题考查固定短语在不同语境中的应用。to be oneself,意为“处于正常的(好的)身体状态”。而且seem to do 是固定结构故选b。 5、[解析] 选a。题意为:他对这个计划的态度如何。此题考查重点词汇和固定搭配。表示“对…、的态度”常用to 和 towards 与 attitude 搭配。故选a。 6、[解析] 选d。题意为:今年这里的人们吃了去年两倍多的蔬菜。此题考查固定句式结构as…as与倍数表达方式结合应用。句末已经有了一个as所以可排除b,c。a项中句子结构不完整,注意倍数的位置即可。故选d。 7、[解析] 选d。题意为:被这部电影给深深打动了,他又看了一遍。此题考查重点词汇在不同语境中的应用。be impressed by 意为“被深深打动或感动”,句中by 也是提示。此处用过去分词impressed 在句首做原因状语,相当于because he was impressed by the movie…、故选d。 8、[解析] 选c。题意为:我的一本书丢了,我到处找了但还是没能找到。此题考查重点词汇与时态语态的结合应用。第一个空用be missing 或者be lost意为“丢失的”,都是形容词的用法。第二个空表示截止到现在的动作的结果。故选c。 9、[解析] 选a。题意为:有什么需要帮忙的吗?我上周从你这里买了这台电视机,但是它现在根本不运转了。此题考查现在时态的应用。b,c两个选项时态直接错了,d项中can’t 强调本身不具备这个能力,不合语境。故选a。 10、[解析] 选b。题意为:他被这本令人感动的小说深深的感动了。此题考查重点词汇在不同语境中的应用。,be moved by 意为“被感动”,moving意为“令人感动的”。故选b。 11、[解析] 选a。题意为:我们的城市占地XX平方英里。此题考查重点词汇在不同语境中的应用。cover意为“占(时间,空间)”。其余词汇选项均无此用法。故选a。 12、[解析] 选d。题意为:这里有两个图书馆,其中较大的那座位于我们家附近。此题考查句式结构定语从句的应用。选项a,c无连接词,b项that 不能引导非限制性定语从句。故选d。 13、[解析] 选b。题意为:你去参加考试时忘了带钢笔了!天哪,我的确忘了!此题考查so的固定句式在不同语境中的应用。前后两句话的主语是一个人,所以应该是对同一件事情的肯定和呼应,b项句式结构意为“的确确是…”。故选b。 14、[解析] 选c。题意为:等到警察来的时候小头已经没了踪影。此题考查重点词汇在不同语境中的应用。disappear 是不及物动词,无被动语态,可排除a,d两项。有by 出现的时间状语,主句谓语动词用完成时,故选c。 15、[解析] 选b。题意为:就我所知道的,这两个朋友住在同一个村庄。此题考查固定短语在不同语境中的应用。as far as意为“就…而言”。而且as far as sb knows是相对固定的用法。故选b。 Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 篇2 introduction,reading and vocabulary学案导学learning aims and demands1、 to lead the students to introduce themselves 2、 to lead the students to get familiar with some words of subjects3、 to lead the students to express their likes and dislikes self-learning procedures:step1: try to introduce yourself to your class、 here are some useful expressions to help you:my name is …i am a …i was born on/in …i graduated from …… i like/ am good at / am fond of … i hope/ think/ want …step 2: try to speak out and write the subjects you learnt at your junior high、 try to guess what subjects you will learn at your senior high、step 3: try to use the following sentence patterns to express your likes and dislikes: i like / hate / don’t like ______ because _____________、 i think____ is important/ difficult because ________、 i would like to study __________ because ____________、 i wouldn’t like to study _________ because _____________、step 4: self-testl write a short self-introduction、l write the names of your learning subjects、l make sentences to talk about things you like and dislike、 Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 篇3 reading and vocabulary学案导学 learning aims and demands1、 to learn new words in the reading text、 2、 to get the main idea of each paragraph 3、 to get detail information supporting the main idea of each paragraph、self-learning procedures:step 1: learn and understand new words of the textstep 2: read the text fast and try to complete the tables below: self introductionname shi jiazhuang time new schoolfriendly enthusiasticclassroom the english classinteresting, funny, not boring teacher introducing, reading and spelling friendly, hard-working and more girls step 3: try to find out important language points (to memorize and master)step 4: try to find out difficult language points ( to ask teacher for help/ explanation)step 5: try to finish activity 4 and 6step 6: fill in the blanks blow without referring to the text:my name is li kang、 i live in shijiazhuang, a city not far from beijing、 it is the capital city of hebei province、 today is my first day at senior high school and i'm writing down my thoughts about it、my new school is very good and i can see why、 the teachers are very and friendly and the classrooms are、 every room has a computer with a special screen, almost as big as a cinema screen、 the teachers write on the computer, and their words appear on the screen behind them、 the screens also show photographs, text and from 、 they're !the english class is really interesting、 the teacher is a very woman called ms shen、 we're using a new textbook and ms shen's of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my junior high school、 she thinks that reading is important, but we speak a lot in class, too、 and we have fun、 i don't think i will be in ms shen's class!today we introduced ourselves to each other、 we did this in groups、 some students were at first but everyone was very friendly and it was really nice、 ms shen gave us and then we worked by ourselves、ms shen wants to help us improve our spelling and handwriting、 we do this in a fun way, with spelling games and other activities、 i like her very much, and the of the other students shows that they like her, too、there are sixty-five students in my class—more than my class in junior high、 forty-nine of them are girls、 in other words, there are three times as many girls as boys、 they say that girls are usually more hard-working than boys, but in this class, everyone is hard-working、 for our homework tonight, we have to write a of the street where we live、 i'm looking forward to doing it!step 7: retell the text using your own wordsstep 8: write a short passage about your first impression at your senior high 上面内容就是差异网为您整理出来的4篇《Module 1 My first Day at senior High教学设计》,能够帮助到您,是差异网最开心的事情。 【工作总结】栏目